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Esperanza Ramirez - Founder

Esperanza Ramirez was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. At age 11, her family moved to New York, New York, where she still resides to this day. Esperanza’s parents instilled in her a sense of cultural pride, family values, morals, and ethics. They also the stressed the importance of education and good work habits. These traits would prove to be beneficial later in life.

Esperanza’s love for baseball was inevitable, not only did her father and uncles play the sport but her mom was a huge fan as well. As a single mother of two boys, Esperanza continued the family tradition by enrolling her sons in The East Harlem Baseball Little League. Esperanza became a volunteer in this program and held various positions within the league for 10 years, including two years as Assistant Commissioner.

Esperanza quickly realized that there was a lack of parental involvement and community support in underprivileged neighborhoods. Many of these children would be unable to reach their full potential without additional assistance. Wanting to fulfill her vision of effecting change within her community, as well as encouraging and inspiring its youth, Esperanza founded Field of Hopes.

With 20 years experience as a volunteer and community activist, Esperanza Ramirez is helping to change lives, one child at a time.

Donatilo Ramirez - Founding Director

Roger Redhead - Children’s Programing Advisor
Roger Redhead was born and raised in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn allowing him to be able to assess what he would and would not settle for. It pushed him to promote courage, cultural awareness and self determination in all of his ventures. A graduate of CUNY New York City College of Technology, Roger was able to move forward in spreading his ideals that developed from his childhood. Creativity and energy is key to his current success as a role model to the youth and adults he works with.

Roger is currently a Site Director for Oasis Children’s Services and Roads to Success. Both organizations service thousands of youth and help them with their education, self-esteem and cultural consciousness throughout the year. It is his unique philosophy that lends itself to his capabilities as a board member of Field of Hopes. He brings twelve years of youth development experience and a bright and engaging personality to everything that he is a part of.

Maryann Thiel - Vice President
MaryAnn Thiel was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York by a single mother of two. Though economically disadvantaged, her mother proved that strong values, hard work and untiring determination were powerful tools that could be used to overcome adversity. MaryAnn took these lessons to heart and at a young age decided that she would spend her life helping others, particularly those less fortunate. Throughout adolescence and adulthood, MaryAnn devoted a portion of her free time to volunteering in hospitals, schools and most notably Field of Hopes.

MaryAnn Thiel is currently a teacher at P.S. 326, a Title I, early childhood school located in Flatbush, Brooklyn. She spent her early years educating special needs children and presently is the physical education teacher. MaryAnn’s natural desire to help children, coupled with her powerful personality, make her both a respected teacher and colleague. As Vice President of Field of Hopes, MaryAnn looks forward to bettering the lives of children through education and sports, not just locally but internationally as well.

Dr. Paul Octtaviano - Advisor

Olga Romaine - Treasurer
As a child, Olga Romaine immigrated to the United States from the Soviet Union, with her family. Seeking a better life for their children, Olga’s parents became her role models for courage in the face of adversity and challenges. Struggling from poverty and acclimation into a new home land and culture, Olga became determined to overcome the odds through sheer determination and a good education. Volunteering throughout her youth and adulthood has afforded Olga the opportunity to give back to the community as well as aiding those less fortunate.

Olga Romaine is currently the Controller for a telecom and technology firm. Her struggles as a child and a strong sense of empathy have helped form her drive to help children overcome their challenged beginnings. As the Controller for Field of Hopes Olga hopes to touch the lives of many needy children and make a true difference in this world.

Odanny Gonzalez Zorrilla - Program Director in DR

Chuck E. Romaine Jr. - Event Helper

Todd Turner - Event Helper

Marcy Stein

David Beck

Dejuan Wynn


Tony Pena - New York Yankees

Luis Antonio Ramos - Actor

Julio Pabon - CEO of Latino Sports

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