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The idea to create this organization began in the summer of 2007.

At the age of 25 and a single mother, I decided to register my six-year-old son in the East Harlem Little League wanting to involve him in sports and at the same time, seeking a father figure for him. With my other son, a newborn, still in his stroller, I never missed a game. In that moment in time, I had no clue about the sport of baseball and coaching. Regardless, Mr. Jose Martinez convinced me to help. At first, I tied the shoelaces and did the roll call, nothing out of this world. The following year I was assistant coach. Later, I became manager and now I’m assistant commissioner. I was a volunteer for ten years.

Five years ago I met producer Byron Hunter. Our friendship was instantaneous; he posses a great passion for life and has calling to better our community. Mr. Hunter, involved with Latino Sports, invited me to various events and introduced the President of Latino Sports, Julio Pabon and to writer Ray Negron. With them, I met children battling cancer and the labor involved to better the lives of these kids. Mr. Hunter always told me that my dreams can be a reality and gave me the final push needed to begin this organization. Speaking about the plans to help children fills me with happiness and it is an honor to know that the other members of Field of Hopes feel the same way.

Esperanza Ramirez, President